Google Lit Trip Member Registration

Member Registration data is kept confidential and only used to document our beneficiary reach as a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. Once registered, requesting Google Lit Trip Titles only requires identifying the desired Google Lit Trip title and a confirming your registration email address.

Regarding privacy protection, students 13 years and older may register listing First Name as "Anonymous" and Last Name with "Student," and using a school mailing address rather than a home address. To assure compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, we ask that students under 13 years of age not be allowed to register.

As we are a 100% volunteer endeavor relying almost entirely upon donations to help defray the costs of developing, maintaining, and distributing our resources. we hope to encourage our Individual Educator Registrants, and particularly Multi-User Registrants, wishing to use resources with on multiple devices to make tax-deductible donations in amounts they feel are reflective of the number of students with whom they intend to use the resources.

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