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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." — Mark Twain

Support the Google Lit Trips Project

Google Lit Trips focuses on creating engaging and relevant literary experiences for students. As you can imagine, it takes an enormous amount of time to create these Lit Trips, and keep them current. Please consider making a donation to support the GLT Project. All tax-deductible donations are transacted safely through Pay Pal, and are used exclusively for the maintenance, hosting and development of our free Lit Trips and other Resources.

Volunteer to Support the Google Lit Trips Project

There are many ways for volunteers to get involved with the Google Lit Trips Project. Whether you're an educator, student, reader, writer, translator, or everyday adventurist, we invite your participation. We have a particular interest in volunteers with experience and strengths in standards alignment, pedagogical best practices, grant writing/fundraising, video production, and translation (any language).

Let us know your background, skills, and interests on our Volunteer page.

Become a Patron of Google Lit Trips

GLT Global ED is particularly grateful to the following for their support:

Computer Using Educators LeRoy Finkel Fellowship
Connecticut Educators Computer Association
Delaware Instructional Technology Conference
Goldman Sachs Foundation
Google, Inc.
Hangzhou Normal University, China
Harrington Young, Inc.
Illinois Computing Educators
International Reading Association, Chicago
International Society for Technology in Education
Library of Congress
Microsoft Corporation
Minot Public Schools
National Geographic Society
National Steinbeck Center
Northwest Council for Computer Education
Public Radio International
San Mateo County Office of Education
Santa Clara University Center for Science, Technology, and Society
The Tech Museum of Innovation
Texas Library Association
University of Akron Center for Literacy
University of Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association
Zhejiang University Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

JoAn Adams
Antonella Albini
Kevin Amboe
Marc Aronson
Karen Arrington
Diane Barfield
Judith Beaver
Tobias Boes
Anne Brusca
Marina Budhos
Stacey Buckalew
Barbara Burg
Jerome Burg
Jessica Burg
Lynell Burmark
Kim Burris
Dorothy Burt
Sandy Buscheck
Holly Butora
Piers Casimir-Mrowczynski
Scott Colvin
Holly Doe
Kathleen Ellison
Howard A. Epstein, In Memoriam
Jilian C. Epstein
Lauren Young Epstein
Steve Figurelli

Amanda Gardiner
Peggy George
Jessica Graham
Gregory Greenleaf
Robert Gromen
Katy Guthrie
Lane Hakel
Marianne Handler
David Hart
Madeleine Hart
Matthew Hart
Noah Hart
David Herring
Stacy Holcomb Henderson
Dennis Hintz
Gail Holloman Holmes
Terri Izatt
Angie Jett
Christina Kotowski
Eva LaMar
Carol LaRow
Hetty Litjens
Andy Losik
Dalena Luis
Heather McKissick
Mary Ellen (Mel) McNamara
Jon Miller

Mark Moran
Vanessa Morris
Rod Murray
Vanita Oelschlager
Heather Palmer
Elizabeth Partridge
Teresa Pombo Pereira
Hope Preston
Kathryn Starke
Elia Steidl
Catrina Steiner
Susie Throop
Melanie Turner
Rhys Van Lienden
Fran Van Tuyle
Lori Vargo
Jack Varnum
Cheryl Watanabe
Linda S. White
Michelle Wilkes
Vicki Willett
Roberta Witte
Joe Wood
June Young
Stephanie Young

Donate to Support the Google Lit Trips Project

Donate as an Individual, in Tribute, or in Memoriam, and the names you wish will appear in the list of patrons of Google Lit Trips. Let us know how you would prefer to be listed.

If you enjoy Google Lit Trips, Reading About Reading, appreciate and look forward to upcoming events and new products, please consider becoming a supporting member of our organization, with a recurring tax-deductible donation, in the amount of your choice, through our easy, safe, and secure PayPal portal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may use any credit or debit card. Your name will be added to our list of patrons, with gratitute.

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