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Our Own Stories

Our Own Stories are true autobiographical incident stories about a single significant experience where location plays an important role in the experience. They are told using digital story telling techniques and designed to be read while virtually in that very location on Google Earth.

A Life Changing Trip by Hannah Ryder    (STUDENT CREATED)

Hannah shares her story of a life changing trip she made to Washington D.C. as one of her state's two chosen representatives to the 2009 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Children's Congress.

Student Contributor Hannah Ryder
Hannah attends Greely High School, Cumberland, Maine. She is one of the very first students to create a Personal Story for the Google Lit Trips Project using Tour Builder.

 A Terezin Reflection by Jay Elliot
A Terezin Reflection

In this "Our Own Stories" story, contributor Jay Elliot discovers the long missing part of an old family story while visiting the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe. "Surviving for centuries, Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery has accumulated tens of thousands of bodies stacked atop each other in morbid layers and may have escaped Nazi destruction as a "museum of an extinct race."
~ from Atlas Obscura

Retired Educator/Author Jay Elliot

 Ansel Adams Made Me a Better Photographer and a Better Teacher by Jerome Burg
A Small Dog's Big Life

Travel through Yosemite valley as Jerome Burg retells his own story of the time he spent a week studying photography with world-famous photographer Ansel Adams.

Educator Developer Jerome Burg
JeromeBurg Google Lit Trips Founder, Retired English Teacher
Jerome Burg spent 38 years as a high-school English teacher. M.A. in Education, specializing in Educational Technology. He is a popular conference and workshop presenter, is both an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher; co-author of Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond. See Developer Bio and GLT Global ED for more information.

The Formula 1 Race by Arjan Singh    (STUDENT CREATED)
Formula 1 Race

Arjan shares his story of the evening his father took him to watch the Formula One Races through the streets of Singapore.

Student Contributor Arjan Singh

Arjan Singh Arjan Singh is a 9 year old Sikh boy who lives in Singapore with his Dad, Mum, and younger sister, Jeet. Arjan loves to read. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are among his most favorite books! He also enjoys cycling and art. Arjan shared that he would like to be a doctor when he grows up.

The Old Jewish Cemetery by Jay Elliot
A Small Dog's Big Life

The cemetery at the Terezín Internment Ghetto, Near Prague, Czech Republic

In this "Our Own Stories" story, contributor Jay Elliot reconsiders his relationship with his Jewish heritage after having visited the Terezín Internment Ghetto. Though the Nazis were quite meticulous record keepers, it is unknown who or how many people were buried in this cemetery. Though unknown, the rocks left on top of each marker are a Jewish tradition indicating that "someone" had visited; a sign that those buried here have not been forgotten.

Retired Educator/Author Jay Elliot

West Coast Adventure by Nathaniel B   (STUDENT CREATED)
West Coast Adventure

Nathaniel shares his story of an adventurous family trip leaving his east coast home to travel down the west coast of the United States. Traveling from Portland, Oregon to Hollywood, California Nathan describes several stops that he found of particular interest.

Student Contributor Nathaniel B
Nathaniel attends Greely High School , Cumberland, Maine and is one of the very first students to create a Personal Story for the Google Lit Trips Project using Tour Builder.

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